Last week, we talked about one of my favorite parts of my morning routine, journaling. After I spend time writing each morning, I head outside for the second part of my routine. I find it helpful to walk. Walking throughout the day helps my body and my mind, so movement is the second major factor of my morning practice.  

Changing Perspective 

I walk with my dogs on our property. It gives me a chance to decompress and experience openness after all the inner work of writing. It gives me the opportunity to appreciate nature, which always puts me in a state of gratitude. I read a quote once that stuck with me, “Gratitude helps us see what of what is there instead of what is not.”  

As an entrepreneur our brains are wired to solve problems and we start to look at everything through this lens, as if it were a problem. Gratitude is an antidote for changing perspective. It allows me to see beauty and appreciate what is actually there.  

Reaping the Rewards 

There are so many benefits to moving. As the owner of an online company, my body spends too much time sitting at a desk. So after a journal session, I make it a point to move. I also move at lunchtime with another walk, 20 minutes or so, and again at the end of the day.  

Since I walk for exercise, I typically put in 3 miles a day. If you just need a break to work out some stiffness and get a breath of fresh air, a five-minute walk around the house or down the street can also work wonders. 

Stay in Good Space 

Over the years, walking has seen me through some really tough times. Several years ago my daughter, at 16 years old, went on a year-long student exchange program. My husband travelled for work at the time and was gone during the week. I was left alone with a temporary but very empty nest.  

I had so many fears for my daughter and so much loneliness for me. So I managed those feelings the only way I could think of. I walked them out. Every morning, I did my 3 miles. Many times, I would also call a friend and ask her to join me. Having someone to listen and take my mind off the pain of those first few weeks of adjustment was a huge help. 

Keeping my body moving allowed me to get out of my despair and to keep my mind and body in a good space.  

We’ve now covered two of my morning practices – morning pages and movement. Keep an eye out for next week when we’ll talk about the third piece, making something. If you tried out some journaling since last week, or have a similar experience with taking a walk, I’d love to hear from you! Reach out to me at and fill me in! 

About the author 

Cyndi Thomason

Cyndi is a mom and author of Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers and Motherhood, Apple Pie, and all that Happy Horseshit. She is also a speaker and thought leader in areas of ecommerce accounting and Mom Entrepreneurship. Cyndi is the founder of bookskeep which provides accounting and Profit First advisory services to hundreds of ecommerce businesses around the world. When not helping business owners or her team, Cyndi can be found in her garden.

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