Services for Mompreneurs and Women Business Owners

AcornMom | Coaching, Courses, Community, and Resources

AcornMom helps mothers and caregivers unlock their entrepreneurial potential. If you're ready to grow the business and life of your dream, AcornMom has courses and coaching to help you implement the concepts covered in Motherhood, Apple Pie, and all that Happy Horseshit and grow the business and life of your dreams. Plus, you'll have the support of an exclusive community of like-minded moms that share your goals. Ready to grow? Get started with AcornMom's Free Resources.

Connect with Cyndi and her team and get easy access to simple systems and clear reports that answer your business questions and keep you on track to meet your sales goals.

Ecommerce Profit Advising

As ecommerce bookkeeping experts, our primary mission is to ensure you understand your numbers and “speak the language” of your particular business. Connect with us to learn about cash flow management, get financial education or profit first coaching.

Cyndi's Latest Book for Mompreneurs

Get the latest updates on Cyndi's new book, Motherhood, Apple Pie and all that Happy Horseshit: Business is Personal.

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