Services for Mompreneurs and Women Business Owners

WEB | Support, Advice, Connection for Women-owned Ecommerce Brands

WEB Circles offer support, advice, and connection through small group meetings of 6-8 women. Our circles meet monthly and work together on the health and growth of our businesses. We informally help each other as a board of advisors, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to lift you up. Being an ecommerce business owner can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions and it's hard to know what's the priority and who to trust. WEB Circles provide the opportunity to collaborate, give and receive so you can grow both professionally and personally. 

Look for upcoming WEB programs such a WEB Collab training events, WEB Collective network of women providers in the ecommerce field, WEB Confab a podcast for Women-Owned Ecommerce Brands. 

As ecommerce bookkeeping experts, our primary mission is to ensure you understand your numbers and "speak the language" of your business. Connect with Cyndi and her team to get access to simple systems and clear reports that give you insights into your business performance. 

SmartCFO for Ecommerce Businesses

Knowing your numbers is a critical first step, but what about your plans for the future? Our SmartCFO program is based on advising clients for the past 10 years on profitability and cash flow. Our SmartCFO program guides you in strategic planning and goal setting, forecasting for the coming year and adjusting each quarter and diving into projects such as inventory forecasting, product profitability, Profit First cash flow management and more based on your needs. We are by your side advising on the financial side of your business growth. 

Cyndi's Latest Book for Mompreneurs

Get the latest updates on Cyndi's new book, Motherhood, Apple Pie and all that Happy Horseshit: Business is Personal.