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Profit First for
Ecommerce Sellers

Transform Your Ecommerce Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers focuses on four critical areas that today's ecommerce sellers struggle with in growing their businesses - managing inventory; relying on debt; understanding their financial data; and maintaining focus. While the ecommerce industry presents incredible opportunities, these four areas can also present major pitfalls in the quest for success.

Motherhood, Apple Pie and all that Happy Horseshit

Business is Personal

As a Mom, you can have it all and it’s better when you do. Using your personal values to create the business of your dreams. By the end of this book you’ll be confident in designing a business that supports your family and yourself.

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Profit is Habit
Intended Audience: Ecommerce entrepreneurs

One of the biggest struggles for ecommerce sellers is managing their inventory and debt. As a result, at the end of the day there is no profit left over. Discover how Profit First helps you maintain laser focus on the different drivers for each of these critical business expenses, leading to permanent profitability. Cyndi reveals the strategies she perfected in her book, Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers.

Developing Your Creativity for Better Products, Listings and Ads
Intended Audience: Women Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

The best way to win in a crowded market is an irresistible, unique product or offer. The best way to tap into "unique and irresistible" is to develop your own creativity and innovation. No one else is just like you but there are a lot of buyers that will want what you create to solve shared problems. With all the juggling of daily life and all the endless business decisions, how can you keep your creativity muscle strong? Cyndi teaches you how to get out of the daily minutiae and into your zone of genius. You will find fun, flow and ease on the projects that require creativity and surprising solutions to those you think are mundane.

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Profit First Book

Susan Payton

“Before your book, I was a mess. I bought the original Profit First but I kept on hitting a brick wall. It worked well for my other business but it wasn't clicking for my e-com biz until I read your book. Thank you so much for all you've provided. I really appreciate how you teach. Simple and straight to the point.”

Profit First Book

Mike Michalowicz

“The answers you need for your ecommerce business are within these pages...no one matches the in-depth knowledge, the breadth of experience, and the plain ol' good heart of Cyndi Thomason.”

Profit First Book

Robyn Johnson

“I have talked to a lot of bookkeepers and accountants over the years looking to work with ecommerce sellers. I have found none who have the same level of knowledge and understanding of the challenges of selling online as Cyndi Thomason. The processes she outlines in this book are pure gold and a must-read if you are serious about growing your ecommerce business, especially if you are not analytical by nature.”

Motherhood Apple Pie and all that Happy Horseshit

Susie deVille

“A must-read guide for enterprising mothers who are wanting to reclaim their lives without sacrificing quality time with their family or attention paid to their businesses. Cyndi Thomason's Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horseshit shows women how to put their dreams first, get the help they need, and model desired values to their children--all while building the enterprise of their dreams.”

Motherhood Apple Pie and all that Happy Horseshit

Mike Michalowicz

“This book is like having coffee with your best friend who added 'just a touch' of tequila, because it's the right thing for right now. Shared with empathy, understanding and downright realness, you're about to discover the recipe for successful momma entrepreneurs. ”

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