Cyndi as guest for Pros and Babes live show

As I began the part of my life that inspired Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horseshit, I realized that planning a mom/work life balance was almost as challenging as motherhood itself. While I did enjoy getting to stay home and raise my daughter, I also felt like an important piece of myself was fading away. As someone who had climbed the corporate ladder and created success, I missed the feeling of accomplishment I had felt through those achievements.

When it took a neighbor knocking on my door to open my eyes about what life could be like as a present mom who also took time for herself, I knew this was something other moms probably struggled with too. That’s why I had such a great time talking about my story with Kinia Romanowska and the Pros&Babes audience on her Live Show. You can hear my personal story of struggle and learn more about how Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horseshit came to be on the episode below!

About the author 

Cyndi Thomason

Cyndi is a mom and author of Profit First for Ecommerce Sellers and Motherhood, Apple Pie, and all that Happy Horseshit. She is also a speaker and thought leader in areas of ecommerce accounting and Mom Entrepreneurship. Cyndi is the founder of bookskeep which provides accounting and Profit First advisory services to hundreds of ecommerce businesses around the world. When not helping business owners or her team, Cyndi can be found in her garden.