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Whether you’re just starting as a mompreneur or have lots of experience as a mom entrepreneur, new tools are constantly emerging that can make your life easier.

When I was an ecommerce business owner (an ecommompreneur, if you want to give your tongue a workout!), most of the tools I got excited about helped with product research or streamlining our financials. But today, I’m going beyond that niche. The recommendations below are universal to all mom business owners: they focus on managing your schedule, communication improvement, and education. 

My 3 Favorite Tools for Mom Business Owners


Confession: I am terrible at planning. My favorite lie to tell myself on a Monday morning is that I’m too busy to plan out my day or week; I need to do the things now. Sound familiar? 

But I’m changing my ways—and how I work—with Timestripe. 

I love Timestripe because it allows me to plan both on a project level and a calendar level. I can organize all the chaos in my brain into Boards containing different lists. For example, I have a Board for Family Management, which has separate lists for both my kids, travel planning, and our countless DIY projects. Once I add tasks to a given board/list, I can schedule it out for a specific time block or set a deadline. I can also toggle between Boards and Horizons, which offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views. 

Plus, it all syncs to my Google Calendar and phone. The free version of Timestripe is super robust and does not carry a time limit. 

Check out Timestripe.


Listen, I’m 39, and my age cohort normalized bad grammar texting in the days before full keyboards on phones. While our too-casual communication pairs well with our devotion to athleisure and penchant for messy buns, your business communication deserves better! Way better! 

And no, I’m not talking about stuffy “m-dash vs. n-dash” grammar. I am talking about how your present yourself in text. Whether you’re emailing colleagues, a mentor, customers, or your kid’s soccer coach, you and your reader benefit from clear communication that strikes the correct tone.

That’s why I love Grammarly. Going well beyond standard spelling and grammar rules, Grammarly offers on-point suggestions to make your writing more clear and engaging. It also monitors tone to ensure your delivery is in sync with your intended audience. Plus, Grammarly will not try to delete your Oxford Commas, which is a big deal for me and a very small but weirdly passionate percentage of the population. 

Try Grammarly

Kindle + Libby

I love the way a book feels in my hands. But I don’t love the weight of all those pages in my purse or backpackSo, I like to use a Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle app for most of my reading.

Me and the rest of the world, right? While I know the idea of an ebook is nothing new to you, I am excited to tell you about Libby, the app that supercharges your e-reader with your public library catalog. Libby gives you free access to countless ebooks and audiobook titles offered by your local library. Yes, free. 

As a mompreneur, whether your business is new or established, you should always be learning and aware of your spending. Carrying a lighter purse is always a good thing too. Free ebooks from Libby will cover all your bases! 

Download Libby for free. If you’ve already finished Motherhood, Apple Pie, and All That Happy Horseshitcheck out Parts 1 and 2 of our summer reading series for mom entrepreneurs for reading list inspiration! 

*If your local library doesn’t offer a robust ebook and audiobook selection, search for library systems that allow out-of-state memberships for electronic content. There are many options!

**If your local library doesn’t have a title you want, request it! 


Do you have a tool you can’t live without? Tell us about it in the comments or email cyndi@cyndithomason.com.

About the author 

Julia Nardelli Gross

Julia is a mom to two energetic school-aged children and the founder of Acorn Mom. Before establishing Acorn Mom, Julia was an e-commerce entrepreneur, an online communications professional, and a lawyer. Julia is also an active volunteer with PTA and the Girl Scouts of Western Washington. In her downtime, Julia enjoys reading, strong tea, getting her butt kicked at Monopoly Junior, Speyside scotch, vegetable gardening, black licorice, and long walks with her dog, Clementine.

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